“I just wanted to send you a note on what an amazing adjustment our son has made already. Aaron Thomas is a stud. Our Boy was locked, loaded, and just seemed so in control... he was doing his “breathing” exercises on the mound, and I didn’t even know it. The first inning threw him right into the fire and the kid just didn’t waiver. He can’t wait to share with Aaron T. as he has been beaming ever since. So, in a nutshell - Thanks and I wanted you to know you guys are making a big difference.”

Parent of HS Baseball player

“My son finished his season first in 4 out of the last 5 races and posted the fastest time of the year. He was named co-MVP of the varsity team and had a great season. He was 16th overall at league finals and also earned straight A’s for the semester. He credited OC Sport Psychologies strategies for a lot of his success. He is currently doing better than he ever has in his sport and continues to improve.  Thanks again for how much you have helped!”

Parent of  HS Athlete 

"Working with OC Sport Psychology on my mental approach to training and competition made a huge difference for me before the Olympics. It helped me stay calmer and more focused on the things that helped me make plays, especially in those moments where I would previously have gotten distracted. Our work together gave me the awareness, and the confidence, to deal with whatever distractions came up in my head- and I was able to learn new tools that helped me re-focus my energy where it needed to be in those tough moments."

Women's National Team (Indoor Volleyball)

2-Time Olympic Volleyball Player

"OC Sport Psychology's training program is a great way to raise the bar on your performance. They teach self-discipline techniques that will increase your focus and concentration and help you gain a mental edge on your competition."

MLB All-Star , Los Angeles Dodgers

"Firefighting is among the most mentally, emotionally and physically challenging work and the fire department training program matches this. OC Sport Psychology not only prepared me with the tools to succeed in this training, but to reach my peak level of performance using realistic goals. I have been able to use the methods in some of the most stressful and demanding situations."




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