"Working with OC Sport Psychology on my mental approach to training and competition made a huge difference for me before the Olympics. It helped me stay calmer and more focused on the things that helped me make plays, especially in those moments where I would previously have gotten distracted. Our work together gave me the awareness, and the confidence, to deal with whatever distractions came up in my head- and I was able to learn new tools that helped me re-focus my energy where it needed to be in those tough moments."

Women's National Team (Indoor Volleyball)

2-Time Olympic Volleyball Player

"OC Sport Psychology's training program is a great way to raise the bar on your performance. They teach self-discipline techniques that will increase your focus and concentration and help you gain a mental edge on your competition."

MLB All-Star , Los Angeles Dodgers

"Firefighting is among the most mentally, emotionally and physically challenging work and the fire department training program matches this. OC Sport Psychology not only prepared me with the tools to succeed in this training, but to reach my peak level of performance using realistic goals. I have been able to use the methods in some of the most stressful and demanding situations."


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